Offer 3. "FROM BURNOUT TO THRIVING" 8-Week Mini-Group Transformational Program for Moms

Get more joy, energy, balance, connection and meaning in your life!

Find your inner Wise Mother, make friends with Her and let Her guide you!

Let go of mom guilt - instead get into your mom power and claim authorship over your own life.

The program is similar to the 1:1 program, but is adjusted for a small group (5-10 moms). During these 8 weeks you will have less 1:1 time with me, but you will get many benefits of group work that are often not available in individual work.

This is what you get:

▪ Two 1:1 one-hour sessions (during the first week and during the eighth week):

  1. The first 1:1 session will take place during the first week of the program. There we will go through four areas of your life to see where you lose energy, what supports you in these areas and what needs to be changed, and what needs to be addressed more in depth during the program;

  2. The second 1:1 session will take place during the last week of the program. There we will celebrate your journey: what you have accomplished so far (there will be a lot to celebrate, believe me!) and how this changed your life.

  By the end of the session you will also understand what else you would like to work on and what kind of support you may need for this.

  You will also have your step-by-step plan ready so you can continue on your path without going back to your old exhausting patterns. This plan is not going to be just a general recommendation, but your own plan tailored to your schedule and aligned with your values and your needs.

▪ 3 (three) live 1,5-hour group calls (we meet every other week on Zoom and work on the corresponding by-weekly theme plus whatever comes up for the participants that week that you would like to discuss);

▪ Daily simple yet effective tasks. These may be journaling prompts, questions to think on during the day, a video to watch, visualisation or breathing exercises, reminders about things that are important for our well-being but we tend to forget, etc. Do not worry - these are fun and will only take a few minutes a day!

▪ Daily accountability and support:

  1. There will be a secret FB group just for the participants of the program. There you can write about your insights or setbacks during the day, discuss your progress with other moms, and get feedback and support from me and the other participants.

  2. You will also get an accountability buddy so that two of you can practice some helpful techniques we learn during the program on a more regular basis, gain more confidence and get even more support during your journey towards your new thriving Self.

  (This part is not obligatory, but is a really important part of the journey which will significantly increase the effectiveness of your program. Plus, it just feels good to know you are not alone on this path and always have someone who will celebrate your successes and be there for you when itís difficult.)

▪ A bonus live 1,5-hour group call at the very end of the program where all participants will be able to share their results and insights, strengthen their happy vision of the future, and get even more inspired by each other.

Please stop hoping for some changes one day. Start this exciting journey today and create the life you dream of and deserve!

To learn more and see if we are a good fit for each other, schedule your free 20-minute call here.



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